The entire evening is about recognizing members of our community (both individuals and commercial) who go above and beyond to make our neighborhood safe, welcoming, fun, and memorable. What better way to show our appreciation for those our friends and neighbors than through The Irvies?

Awards nominees will be selected from activities and events found in Irvington and on the Irvington Neighbors Facebook Page. Once nominees are selected via social media, the Irvington community must vote for their nominees in person at select businesses. Individual ballot boxes will be placed at local Irvington businesses and whereabouts will be announced on IDO’s pages, so residents can seek out and patronize businesses, exposing these organizations to increased traffic, and vice versa residents to businesses they may have been unaware existed. Winners are chosen by the number of ballots they receive, announced at the event, and presented with a trophy during The Irvies.

Categories, locations, and nominees will be humorously announced, recorded, and promoted on IDO and Irv Facebook pages, culminating with a semi-formal gala fundraising event where guests will be regaled with food & drink, entertainment, and most importantly – awards.

Awards Categories

Cup of Sugar - Generous neighbors who help in a pinch make Irvington great. This person is always there to lend a hand or cup of sugar when you most need it. Congratulations to Sue Beecher on winning. Bonnie Cate and Karen Davis were also nominated.
Irving Legacy - Irvington boasts an amazing art legacy. If you make Irvington more beautiful through your creative works, you are carrying on Washington Irving's torch! Congratulations to The Walter Paisley Movie House on winning. Carrie Schmidt and Rita Spalding were also nominated.
RIP Steve Irwin - Irvington is a neighborhood of animal lovers but this person goes above and beyond in being an advocate for our four-legged friends. Congratulations to Lisa Watson on winning. Christina Blanford and Summer Hudson were also nominated.
Curb Appeal - Is your green thumb in full display? Do you have a well curated collection of statues? Is your yard oasis the envy of all? You may be the winner for Most Attractive Curb Appeal. Congratulations to Dawn & Don Briggs on winning. Patrick Adair and Terri McGath Smith were also nominated.
The Tree Hugger - This Earth-loving soul does everything they can to make a lasting, green (minimal carbon) footprint. Recycle, compost, and live a fresher life! Congratulations to Patricia Waters on winning. Eric James and Shawndra Miller were also nominated.
The Benefactor - The Irvington business who makes generosity a core tenet of their operations. Congratulations to Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza on winning. Hampton Designs Studio & Shop and The Magic Candle were also nominated.
Service with a Smile - This business always greets you with a smile, brightens your day, and makes you feel all neighborly. Congratulations to Hampton Designs Studio & Shop on winning. 10 Johnson Avenue and Coal Yard Coffee were also nominated.
Morning Would - Where WOULD you go in the morning to jump start your day? Coffee shops? Breakfast? Congratulations to Coal Yard Coffee on winning. 10 Johnson Avenue and Lincoln Square Pancake House were also nominated.
Last Meal - If you had only one meal left on Earth, which Irvington eatery would you choose? Congratulations Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza on winning. The Mug and IXCA were also nominated.
The Passport - This Irvington treasure brings people in from all over to revel in their hidden majesty. Stamp your passport, and tell your friends to stop by this place! Congratulations to Black Acre Brewing on winning. Hampton Designs Studio & Shop and The Magic Candle were also nominated.
Cheers - This is the place you can go where everyone knows your name. Congratulations to Black Acre Brewing on winning. Coal Yard Coffee and Hampton Designs Studio & Shop were also nominated.
The Playpen - This group or organization makes it their business to be kid and family friendly. They're a great place to play, laugh, learn, and color outside the lines. Congratulations to Ind. Public Library – Irvington on winning. Line+Form Atelier and Wyliepalooza were also nominated.