About The Event

The Irvies is a community award ceremony where businesses, neighbors, and our very own larger-than-life personalities are nominated and selected for awards demonstrating their unique talents, notorieties, and contributions to the greater good of Irvington. This fundraiser for the Irvington Development Organization (IDO) will be hosted Saturday, February 24th approximately 7pm at the Irvington Lodge (5515 E Washington St.).


Irvington Lodge
5515 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219


Saturday from 7PM-11PM
February 24th, 2018

Awards Ceremony

Light-hearted, boastful, yet almost ghastly, the Irvies are intended to strengthen neighborhood camaraderie, the satirical backbone of our community, and the valued humanitarianism and good will of so many in our area. Ranging from “The Hidden Gem,” to “Irving Legacy Award,” the spirit of the Irvies is laughable, appreciative, but most of all – Irvington.

King & Queen Pageant

Just as revered and grand as Miss USA, our pageant for The Irvies will crown the most active, dedicated, proven citizens as the King and Queen of Irvington. One King and one Queen will be selected from three nominees of each, all vetted and tested through a thorough application process, social media, and of course, pageantry.

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